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Our Fine Arts Club at the Dance Academy of Cedar Rapids is a fun and active program designed for young children aged 2.5-5 years. Children will have an opportunity to learn through creative play and learn social skills along the way. Each session will offer different themes designed to spark your child's imagination and creativity. Every class will include our 6 focused disciplines - dance, yoga, fitness, music, art, and drama.The Dance Academy of Cedar Rapids' Fine Arts Program runs 6 week sesions throughout the year.

6 Week Sessions  

Winter Session January 30th - March 7th


DANCE - Students are introduced to all kinds of dance at Fine Arts Club. We shake our hips, tap our toes and relevé all day! Learning the basics of dance in a fun and encouraging environment.
YOGA - Fine Arts Club offers a basic introduction to yoga. Children learn poses and create a foundation for meditation and focus. This portion of class is often presented in a fun, kid-friendly way that includes storytelling and adventure!
FITNESS - Acro, obstacle courses and energy burning activities are at the center of our fitness portion of class. Students are encouraged to try moving fast or slow, tall or short, big or small. Learning how their body moves and how staying active keeps our bodies happy.
MUSIC - Students learn how to count and listen to music as well as singing songs, playing instruments and moving to the beat. The children enjoy familiar songs while they sing, dance and play.
ART - Art is our opportunity to get creative and try new things. Painting, cutting, gluing, learning how to hold a pencil and how to trace our names. Crafts align with themes to help us learn in a fun and creative way.
DRAMA - Students dive deep into their imaginations in drama. Facial expressions, silly voices, and dress up days let kids explore a whole new world!


Miss Rowan is our Fine Arts Club lead teacher and has been a member of our DACR family as an instructor since 2021. She has been dancing since 2015, specializing in ballet, lyrical, and modern. Ms. Rowan received her degree in Dance from the University of Iowa in early 2021, where she discovered her love of teaching dance and also has a BA in english and creative writing. Ms. Rowan can't wait to get to know your kids! When she's not teaching, you can find her doing her other passion, which is curling up with a good book!

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