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Dancers begin working on basic tap steps including shuffles, ball-changes, shuffle hops, and right and left exercises. Students will also work on rhythm and counting. Flaps, maxie fords, Kick ball-changes, buffalo’s, and Irish are the final steps mastered prior to moving to level 3/4. Tap classes produce rhythmic sounds with your feet and follow the technique class format of barre – across the floor and center floor routine.


Entering into level 3/4 dancers will begin to work at a faster tempo. In this level students will learn steps such as cramp rolls, time steps, front and back essence and paddle turns. shuffle combinations are taught in different patterns and rhythms. Flaps with double heels are introduced along with riffs, traveling time steps, tap turns and more. Prior to moving to level 5/6 students have to have mastered the above.


Entering level 5/6 tap will introduce pick-ups, single and double pullbacks, wings, wings changing feet, bombershays and drawbacks, shuffle combinations, scuffles, riffles, nerve taps, swap wings, wing time steps and more. Prior to moving to level 7/8 students have to have mastered the above.


Our advanced level tap works on a variety of different syncopated rhythms. Tap steps are complex and class moves at a fast pace.

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