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basis and foundation upon which all future ballet classes will be built. The correct placement of the body, positions of the arms, legs and feet will be established in this class. Stretching is also emphasized. The exercises and stretches are accompanied by music of the correct tempo to develop a sense of musicality from the very beginning. Moving and listening closely to the music helps young dancers to understand the concept of artistry.


barre exercises are taught facing the barre. Dancers will continue to perfect steps learned in Level 1 and 2. In this level the following steps are introduced and worked on throughout the year; coupe, releve, pas de bourre, pique , rond de jambe , grand echappe, epaulment and pirouettes. Once facing the barre exercises are mastered, students will move to one hand on the barre.  En croix, degage, frappe, chaine, fondu, balance, changement, sissonne, and jete will also be taught in this level.


continue to master all lessons taught in level 3/4 and introduces more sophisticated port de bras with barre and center exercises, pirouettes, grand plie, 4th position and higher extensions of the leg. Basic adages are introduced including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th arabesques. Petite Allegros including jetes, assembles and the connecting steps. Pique turns, chaine turns, tombe pas de bourree, pas de chat and pas de basque are among steps moving across the floor.


is for the advanced dancer. The barre includes the typical plies with a variety of cambres.    Tendu and degage exercises are taken into the epaulment. Pas de cheval, flic flac, grand rond de jambe en lair, ballonne, ballotte, entrechats and batu are mastered. In the center there are a variety of pirouette combinations as well petite allegros that are complex. Fouettes and traveling fouettes are taught. Steps of elevation include a variety of sissonnes, coupe jete entournant and cabrioles. By the time students complete Level 7, they should be ready to execute most anything required of a ballet dancer, as well as be familiar with a majority of terminology used in the ballet world.



30 minute addition class to ballet after completing level 4 ballet and is dependent upon dancers technical growth. Pointe classes are by permission only.

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