Due to the current regulations, we will have the following guidelines in place to make sure all our dancers and families stay safe as we come back to in-studio classes!

(Please note that this is an ever changing situation and this page will be updated as regulations change.​ If you have any questions or concerns with this information please e-mail the studio directly or call our office with your concerns.)

We understand these modifications are not ideal and this new routine will take some time getting used to. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can at DACR to keep all our dancers and families feeling comfortable and safe. Thank you all for your understanding and support. We are so beyond excited to start teaching your dancers at the studio again!


  • All dancers and family members that enter our lobby, office and boutique are required to wear a mask

  • Dancers may remove their masks while they are in the studio dancing.



  • Dancers may enter the building no more than 10 minutes prior to their first class. Only dancers may enter the building. If you have a younger dancer who needs assistance, one adult (no siblings) may bring them through the front door to the lobby to meet a staff member. Our staff will direct dancers to their classroom.


  • All dancers will enter through the front door, apply hand sanitizer located just inside on the table, and then proceed to our check in desk (just inside the doors) to have a staff member direct you to your classroom.


  • Our waiting room will be closed to parents and dancers until further notice.This will be to avoid dancers hanging out and not following social distancing. We will also not be allowing dancers to enter the building early to use a studio or waiting area to stretch. We assure you that dancers will be adequately stretched in class during our teachers warm-ups at the beginning of each class.


  • Dancers need to arrive in the appropriate leotard, tights, and shorts that will be worn until they are done with classes for the night. All dance bags will be taken into the studio with them and placed in an assigned spot given to them by their instructor.


  • This year DACR will be limiting class sizes to ensure social distancing of 6 ft between students.


  • Dancers will be placed in a spot in the studio 6 feet apart from other dancers and the barres and studio will be sanitized between classes.

  • The dance studio floors have been marked off with tape.  Each student will have a square to stand inside of and do all of their dancing.  All squares are 6 feet apart.

  • Dancers must have shoes on their feet at all times.  No bare feet allowed.  

  • There will be no use of shared dance props like scarves, hoops, princess wands etc.


  • There will be no drinking fountain use. We will be selling water only and no other beverages or snacks until further notice. Dancers may pack their own water bottles to have in the classroom.


  • All restrooms are open and will be cleaned frequently.


  • If you have a younger dancer, please pick up your child at the check in desk at the end of their class. If your dancer is old enough to exit on his/her own, we will have a DACR staff member to help facilitate their exit to your car. Please be prompt with pick up times.


  • If you need to purchase shoes and/or dancewear, please let our staff know when you enter the front door and we will be able to assist you one at a time.


  • All high touch items will be sanitized between every dance class.  This includes door handles, barres, studio floors, and light switches. 

  • The restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently.

  • To ensure we have sufficient cleaning time, classes may be dismissed 5 minutes early so the rooms can be sanitized before the next class enters.

  • There will be hand sanitizer stations on the wall at the entrance of each dance room and also in the common areas.

  • Anti-Bacterial hand soap will be available in the restroom.

  • All students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the dance room.

  • Deep cleaning of the entire studio will be done each day.